That thing in you everybody see’s but you

Everyone has that one quality in them that everybody else but themselves take notice of. You keep getting responses like “hey josh you really good at organizing things”.

For me that quality  is my baritone voice. I was recently reminded of this attribute at a seminar I attended. I raised my hand to ask a question and then almost every body at the event started telling me that I had a really good voice(boy did my head swell)

You and I have this special qualities which I think  might  hold the key to our happiness in life and because we are good at it we assume its normal to have it.

Why don’t you listen to your friends next time they complement you about a quality you have. This could  get you your dream job or open a door ( but beware of unnecessary flattery).

I am going to seek for an opportunity to speak on radio this week and see where it leads. This is harder than it sounds, but I’m willing to try.

Explore these qualities in your life and share the results with me in the comments.


6 thoughts on “That thing in you everybody see’s but you

  1. lol.. true about your voice.. And pls make sure you try out the radio stuff… You never can tell.
    Nice blog too.

  2. If anybody can speak on radio,u most certainly can!good luck bro!d blog’s also a luvely concept!

  3. Good job dude. Truly everything we need to succeed lies in us. The greatest limitations to our success is us. Keep the fire burning don’t “DARE” let this fizzle out.

  4. Thanks for the comment.It’s funny that you refer to me as ‘dude’

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