The 100/10 Academy and Why You Should Attend

This week, I have participated in personal development programs: from cv remodeling seminars to entrepreneurship classes. The list is long, but this particular event I attended  yesterday 5th of may 2011 was different.

For one the audience was bigger and diverse. From professors, doctors, youth corps , middle income earners. The ages of the participants were as diverse. I though I saw my father in the audience.

A little introduction: The 100/10 academy is a center for billionaires in the making. The 100/10 in the name stands for the vision of the academy which is to raise a hundred billionaires in 10 years. The founder of this academy is Dr. Abib Olamitoye as in doctor of medicine. He felt  since he could reach that mark that anybody could reach it with a goal in mind.

The seminar participants take the classes seriously, this is evident through the testimony segment just before the talks begin. I liked this part because I was led by real people who shared their experiences about how they put the lessons they learnt into practice. Right after that we went into the talk began.

Briefly he talked about registers. Judging by the response from some of the audience members. This was not the first time they heard about it. He explained that there were three types of registers . He encouraged the students to have a:

  1. Gratitude register (list of things I am grateful for)
  1. Marriage register (list of things I like about my spouse, that’s  when I get married)
  1. Life register (the first 100 things I want before I die)

He encouraged us to write a letter of gratitude to Dr, Apapa (the first patron of the  academy that brought the academy to Abeokuta).

Dr. Olamitoye  started the session with questions on how to be a billionaire. He was quick to remind the audience to be brief in their answers . The audience responded with these answers

  • Associate with billionaires
  • Power of visualization
  • Read books written by billionaires

Read Read and Read  great books over and over he said

The topic for today’s session was persistence. He talked about a theory ( can’t remember what he called it) but he said that you make 80% if your income from the last 20% of the time. He further explained this through the story of a hospital he established in Ibadan and how it only became profitable after five years of establishing it.

If there was anything the participants went home with, it was persistence .

There was a large number of new participants including me, so he took time to share a story of how he started on his quest to become a billionaire. He remembered fondly the letter he wrote to former military leader of Lagos state and his first visit to the governor’s office.

In conclusion, I think you should attend the next class. The classes hold every first Thursday of the month at the Sweet Sensation Hall, Ibara, Abeokuta.

hope to see you there.


2 thoughts on “The 100/10 Academy and Why You Should Attend

  1. this is a good summary of the lecture. the theory he talked about was the 80/20 rule or the Pareto law

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