How I overcame my fear of teaching


My NYSC service year brought me many surprises. It started with being posted to serve in Jigawa (Northern Nigeria) as a school teacher.

After re-deploying to Ogun state (Western Nigeria), I assumed this automatically meant a posting to a bank or I.T firm since I studied computer science. I was wrong.

I was assigned two classes in a public school in a high brow area in the state. Good location right? but there’s more. Each class had at least 80 students, so I have an estimated 160 students to teach. Thank God I was only going to teach them computer science which was my major in school.

Ok, so enough about my fear. How did I overcome the fear of teaching pupils from a entirely different background from mine? (wait for it) I started teaching.

How did I go about teaching? I prepared notes using the simplest words for easy understanding.

I simply taught computers to this kids  the way I would have liked to be taught when I was their age. I used examples that were close by.e.g when I taught them about ATM’s, I would ask them: what’s that big machine outside the bank at the T-junction that gives out money? You get the idea. They were better able to remember what I taught them.

Another technique I used was to make the class fun. I would bring computer parts to class and joke about them. I would tell jokes and basically did anything to make them laugh. If you can make them laugh with you and not at you then you have made progress.

But after doing all this, some students still wont still understand or pass the paper. Don’t blame yourself, this could be caused by several factors beyond your control like problems at home or language barrier (I forgot to add that not all my students understand English). Don’t be hard on yourself.


In the end, you would have overcome the fear of teaching and reap the ultimate gift of teaching, which is the success of your students.

How did you overcome your fear of teaching? share with me in the comments.


4 thoughts on “How I overcame my fear of teaching

  1. Wow! I am so impressed with this article, I didn’t even know you could write. What I love about this piece is: the way you broke it down, you taught the way that I learn, and many others, I also like the fact that you tried to make teaching fun as well, that was very brilliant on your part. You had a strong conclusion which I found really insightful. Good job! look forward to reading more articles from you.

  2. Yetunde Omoteso

    Nice piece Tega. Good work. you write well and your blog is nice. Take care

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