I’m sorry…but I don’t want money


Let me state clearly here that if you want to give me money, please do.I prefer cash.while this post is not about me refusing money, it is a metaphor for focusing on what’s important.(I guess you still don’t understand what all this rambling is about).A short history would suffice.

After discovering blogging two years ago, I knew I wanted to have mine one day.I read a lot of blogs at the beginning and commented on a few (“Thanks,Great Post!” kind of comments) but you see this could not motivate me to start blogging. I got the final push when a friend from school started her blog and invited me to read (ever notice how you start doing something you always wanted to do when you see someone close to you doing that same thing).There I had my epiphany.

I started the blog, wrote two articles for a start.at least 20 people read , skimmed or clicked through the article the day the blog launched (pretty good, don’t you think.).After this quite happy start, I started reading blogs that were teaching about SEO optimization, monetizing your blog, wordpress themes and so many orisirisi( that’s Yoruba for ‘many things’, wait, I though you were Nigerian).while these things are not bad to consider.They are not the reason I started the blog.

You see, I started a blog for two reasons: To improve my writing and to create an online presence (besides Facebook and Twitter, BTW you can follow me here).I got distracted. I started playing with all the settings in my wordpress dashboard (that’s where the settings for this blog are).I changed the blog theme over a dozen times,changed fonts,considered buying a personal domain name and I continued reading more articles on making money from a blog while not writing a single article

For over 5 months or maybe six, I wrote nothing.absolutely nothing! but  preoccupied myself with figuring how to make money from this blog.kai! Talk about loss of focus.

Well I’m back and I’m not going to make money from his blog at least not yet.I’ll keep writing and hope you keep reading.so I’m sorry… but I don’t want money.

So have you lost focus on what you were doing.How did you get back to what was important?

P.S. If you’re thinking of blogging professionally then you should read this book “Engagement from Scratch by Danny Iny (It’s a free download and I like free things Smile).


2 thoughts on “I’m sorry…but I don’t want money

  1. You’re growing in your writing, I can’t wait to see you write some more, and become an exceptional writer. I look forward to reading more from you.

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