This device could solve the traffic problem in Lagos

Remember Saheed Adepoju, the young Nigerian entrepreneur that brought us the first tablet from Nigeria. he’s back this time with a new start up( Prossess) that builds smart devices, among its first smart devices is device he says will help solve the traffic problems in Africa; Lagos definitely need this device.

Lagos traffic

So how does this device really work? The device will be installed on roads with high vehicle traffic, according to him

“A route typically would have a bottleneck area where traffic build up usually starts and this is typically where we would place our smart devices. It would not cover an entire length of road but chosen bottleneck areas.”

They also launched a website that will overlay the information (from the device) over Google Map and users would have the ability to see traffic flow with different colors indicating different current(live) speed of vehicles. To use the website, select the “Sensor” you would like to see. A sensor corresponds to an identified bottleneck area.


Good News is the device and website go live today for beta testing. They would be testing at Herbert Macaulay road, Yaba, Lagos.

“We would test for 3 days :
October 8th 2013: 11am-4pm.
October 9th 2013: 11am-4pm
October 10th 2013:11am-4pm.”

Two things that excite me about this device. First for end users, there would be a service delivered over SMS which would enable you receive instant updates of future traffic on selected routes and second all this data will be made available to developers through an API .

I really look forward to this new device. Do you think this could solve the traffic problem in Lagos?

See the device in action.

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CNN EXCLUSIVE: nigerian launches new Tablet ( inye-2 )

On CNN this morning, Saheed Adepajo Co-founder of ENCIPHER ( The Nigerian company to introduce the first Andriod based tablet into the Nigerian tech industry) talked with CNN about its new  INYE-2 tablet.


It is clear that Saheed and his team are working really hard to make this successful.

In the famous words of Neil Armstrong “This is one small step for Nigeria, one giant leap for Africa.” Not really!

Here are some photos from the interview.There’s also youtube video link to the interview.


inye tabletandriodportssaheed adepajostandtablet1

Video courtesy CNN